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We've been meaning to share this one for awhile now, but a very busy wedding season has meant that we keep putting it off. It's been sitting here, ready to share, but we haven't seemed to have had the time. Not that it takes a lot of time to post -- it's more like we wanted a moment to reflect. This day was big and special and spectacular, so it didn't seem right to just throw it up on the blog between shoots or after a long day of editing. 

Well, we've had our moment to reflect, and we're so pleased to be finally sharing Zoey & Ming's Hong Kong wedding film. The experience of being by their side for 16 hours was not only a huge honour, but the breadth of their day also pushed us creatively and gave us the opportunity to experience so many different moments with them. 

This one was unforgettable. Zoey & Ming, we can't thank you enough and can't wait until our paths cross again!

Head over to our video page to check it out! 

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